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A Spring Soak

It’s the first day of Spring! We took the opportunity while Freia’s aunt trifecta was in town to commandeer Aaron’s sister Hannah (ATX photographer) to document one of our now routine herbal baths. And since Spring has officially sprung, we were obliged to accessorize the bathtub with carnations bought for her birth day two weeks ago by her… Continue reading A Spring Soak

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A Big Adventure Ahead …or How We Found Out We’re Pregnant

It’s still slowly sinking in that in there’s a tiny us slowly growing its way into existence. I think I’ve wrapped my head around it a lot more quickly than expected. We’ll have this conversation again when the baby actually comes around, at which point it will be apparent that I did not understand the concept at… Continue reading A Big Adventure Ahead …or How We Found Out We’re Pregnant

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Proposing: A Handy Guide

Looking to get engaged, eh? Follow these eight easy steps and you’ll be slinging rings like a pro in no time! Apologies in advance for gratuitous couple-y pictures. Without further ado…. Eight Steps to Engagement As Performed by Aaron and Allie Step 1 – Find Yourself a Lady or Gent There are ladies and gents everywhere,… Continue reading Proposing: A Handy Guide