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Baby’s First Camping Trip

When we’re asked what brought us to Colorado, one answer rings truer than the rest: “The mountains.”  Of course we had many reasons to uproot and relocate ourselves, but the ability to easily get out into nature and explore the abundant beauty and wonder found here was a dominant factor from which most of those… Continue reading Baby’s First Camping Trip

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Baby Registery: The Greatest Hits

While I was pregnant I skimmed through a TON of online lists. “Everything You’ll Need When Baby Arrives” “Minimalist Guide to Baby Gear” “Top 10 Postpartum Essentials” “Things You Are Obligated To Buy So Your Baby Doesn’t Turn Out Permanently Scarred.” You know these lists. We all know these lists. BUT, despite this endless Pinterest… Continue reading Baby Registery: The Greatest Hits

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A One Week… no Two… Okay Three Week Post-Partum Update

Apparently life is done at a different pace with a newborn. I started working on a postpartum update to share here a couple days after Freia was born which developed as a chronological detailing of our first few days then weeks together as time and days slipped by.  It slowly became evident to me as more… Continue reading A One Week… no Two… Okay Three Week Post-Partum Update

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A Spring Soak

It’s the first day of Spring! We took the opportunity while Freia’s aunt trifecta was in town to commandeer Aaron’s sister Hannah (ATX photographer) to document one of our now routine herbal baths. And since Spring has officially sprung, we were obliged to accessorize the bathtub with carnations bought for her birth day two weeks ago by her… Continue reading A Spring Soak