She is Allie. He is Aaron. They adventure. Their names both begin with A. Thus they aadventure.

Here is a place where we can share our aadventures in the kitchen, the home, the town and the mind. We both tend to delve deep into ideas, projects, and places, and hopefully documenting and sharing this process can benefit everyone involved.  We couldn’t agree on what to write from here. Let us diverge:


For our friends who flatter me enough to ask, “can you send me this recipe?” or our parents who ask for updates and photos from the last spot we ventured to, or urban activity we pursued. A place to catalogue and curate our art, projects and our lives together and as a part of a larger, wilder community.


For those who are curious enough to follow our photo-documented follies and my tangential rambles. We’re going to be tackling a lot of strange and wonderful projects soon and it’s important to document so we can slow the steady erase time tends to have on the acts of man. Plus, the internet is the hippest place for the coolest cats and we are quite the hip cool cats so we are internetting.

Houston Gothic

Hang on for the ride and hope you enjoy.

[July 2015, Houston, TX. Happy Fatz in The Heights. Second table from the door. Wild Game Wednesday. It was elk.]


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