In Parenthood

An Autumn Soak

The Vernal Equinox, March 20, 2017 / 15 days old


The Autumnal Equinox, Sept 22. 2017 / 201 days old

IMGP0929 (3)

A bath is one of the first things Freia and I did together.  Just a couple hours after she was born, after she had her fill of my first milk and was weighed and measured, we steeped together in a densely brewed herbal bath. And nursed some more.

Since then, bathtime has been a family bonding ritual for all of us.  After her first few weeks, the herbs had done their part, and we switched to about-weekly (breast)milk baths. 

Not wanting to waste a drop of my liquid gold, but also imperfect in my pumping and storage habits, I label any pumped milk that was left on the counter or in the fridge for a little too long as “bath” milk and throw it in the freezer for this special use.

IMGP0936 (2)

Breastmilk has amazing curative and healing properties.  A squirt in the eye of a child with conjunctivitis is a well-know remedy by even the most skeptical of western medical professionals. It’s antimicrobial and probiotic at the same time.  And full of luscious, moisturizing fats.

IMGP0926 (2)

We toss it in our bath, not to cure any specific ail, but as a “Why not? Can’t hurt.” addition.

Photographing our bath on the equinox just seemed like a lovely way to round off our Warm Season the same way we began it.

IMGP0960 (2)

It’s also terribly cute.



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