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A Whole Half

A whole half a year has passed since Freia entered our lives! Every month goes by quicker and quicker!


Our little one is fifteen and a half pounds, sits up on her own, babbles “mamamama” and “dadada”(though Aaron corrects her to “Papa”), and is basically crawling.  She’s come extremely close to pulling herself up to standing. How is she getting so old so quickly!?

square three

This baby is pure joy.  Friends and strangers are frequently confirming what I know to be true: “This is the happiest baby I’ve ever met!”  She shares her beautiful gummy smile with anyone who engages her, belly laughs in respones to tickles or games (peekaboo!), will “talk” to just about everyone and always wants to play.


We’re still co-sleeping, but for daytime naps that don’t take place on mom, dad, grandma or grandpa, she snoozes in this basket on the floor.  This is what’s working for us now, we’ll see how it evolves.

She goes to bed for the night usually between 9and 10pm, sometimes earlier , sometimes leter, and usually sleeps well enough until around 6 or 7 am, waking anywhere from one to four times to nurse.  Nestled between Aaron and I this tiny baby somehow takes up at least half the bed.

We’re winging the starting solids thing and loosely following baby-led weaning practices. A friend was saddened when I said “weaning” the other day, and it’s worth noting that  “baby-led weaning” is a method of introducing solid foods complementary to breastfeeding and breastmilk – it is not weaning the baby off the boob. She’s nowhere near giving up the boob.  And neither am I.

We usually let Freia try whatever we’re eating, or we give her some mushy thing I’ve whipped up (our first two forays into homemade baby food have been Roasted Butternut Squash + Breastmilk and Spinach + Apples + Cinnamon).  She’s really into everything she’s eaten so far, with few (mainly spicy) exceptions.

I’m looking forward to trying some fermented foods on her, and will be sure to document the experience!  There are some great fermented baby food ideas on Oh Baby Nutrition’s blog that we’ll definitely be using.


The days are finally getting cooler here and we’re looking forward to Fall activities and foods, upcoming trips and of course Halloween!   Our backyard pumpkin patch, though not “thriving” is doing well enough, and we’ve got at least one pumpkin on each vine.

Sadly, none have surpassed Freia in size. Aaron blames it on lack of regular fertilizing, and promises a toddler-sized pumpkin next year.

We’re still practicing elimination communication (EC) and cloth diapering and honestly love both. Since starting solids we’ve moved her “pottytunities ” from over the sink to over the toilet, but the process is the same, and Freia didn’t seem to notice the change.  We wind up with what we estimate as 3-4 poopy diapers a month.  This admittedly makes cloth diapering MUCH easier.

Since my parents moved to town, (leaving Houston hours before Hurricane Harvey arrived!) Freia’s been staying with them while I’m at work, instead of strapped to me in my wrap.  Working without a bowling ball strapped to your chest is physically easier, but I miss her when we’re separated!   Now that she’s so mobile I doubt she would have put up with me wearing her for so many hours for too much longer but I’m glad we had those special months together.

She’s becoming more and more an actual person everyday and not just my little baby! It seems like the more I urge time to slow down the more it speeds up.  It’s tough, but as I mourn the ending of one stage of her babyhood, another adorable one swoops in and fills us with new joy.




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