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Four Months!


Four months ago our lovely peanut sweetly and calmly entered our lives.  It somehow feels like she’s been around forever and simultaneously like a just gave birth last week. I’m often saying ridiculous things like, I wish I’d had twins so I could have twice as much Freia.  I just can’t get enough of her!


The growth in three months! Look at her head!

That being said, I am trying (poorly) to also make sure I have some time to myself and to pursue some creative interests so I don’t totally lose myself in my baby.   Just last week I went for my first pleasure cruise exploring some of Fort Collins’ famous bike trails. I have been riding since we arrived here two months ago, but almost exclusively to and from work, which is barely a mile from the house.

Yes, work.  I am working again, but not as a nurse. A few days a week I’m at a dreamy baby & children’s boutique in Old Town where I spend my time getting to know other new mamas in town as they bring their little ones in to shop or chat.  The fabulous women who own the shop have been incredibly accommodating to my adjustment to working mama.  Aaron brings Freia in once or twice a shift to nurse and when our schedules overlap, I’m able to wrap her up on me and wear my baby as I help customers. The old building which houses the shop also has a cozy space on the third level, which is used occasionally for children’s events, but is mostly completely unoccupied.  I’m due to finish a certification in Childbirth Education through CAPPA this fall, and the shop owners are amenable to me using the space to teach classes, hold workshops, meetings or support groups. Mamas need a village and thrive with support and community, and I want to give them this.  I’m dreaming up the details as I lay awake under a midnight-feeding babe.



Freia was 12 1/2 lbs at her last weigh-in about a month ago.  She was again right at the 50th percentile and has more than doubled her birth weight!

She’s the smiley-est, happiest baby I’ve ever known!  I’ve gotten her to belly laugh a couple times while we play on the living room floor, but mostly she just smiles and cackles intermittently.  She’s still breastfeeding beautifully, and is less than willing to take a bottle, but does okay with a sippy cup.

She loves dancing, standing (with a little of our help), flying baby (with a lot of our help), the silly ways her dad holds her over his forearm, being sung to,  bath time, kisses, crinkle paper, and putting everything she can grab into her mouth.  Over the last few days she has amped up her babbling 10 fold and is ALMOST rolling over.


We’re still using Grovia cloth diapers and love them.  The Elimination Communication is going well enough that we almost never have dirty diapers, and frequently take dry ones off of her before a potty-tunity. This system cuts way down on the diaper washing, which we do about every 2 1/2 days with just five shells and 16 snap-in soakers pads.  I’m so glad we’ve gone both of these routes.

Freia sleeps well at night, most evenings she falls asleep nursing without much fuss between 9-11pm, and wakes once or twice for a snack, but quickly falls asleep again until around 7am.  Her daytime naps are less than routine, but just as of the last couple days has been okay being put down for a nap twice a day in the bed.  Sleeping outside of my arms is a big step for us!


A quick and probably last post-partum update

Four months after giving birth things are settling back to feeling normal.  My hair started rapidly falling out a couple weeks ago, part of the “normal” postpartum shedding phase I was dreading.  Goodbye, luscious pregnancy hair!  I’m still sporting my linea negra which has only faded slightly and my boobs are dramatically different sizes depending on the hour.

I’m probably at or around my estimated pre-pregnancy weight –  though the position of the weight on my body has shifted around quite a bit.  As usual, I avoid a gym like the plague, but am pretty active throughout the day with playing with the baby, rocking/swaying/squatting her to sleep, biking to work, walking around our neighborhood or baby and me yoga when I can get us together before 11am.  I managed to not only squeeze into, but button(!) a pair of jeans I wore before I was pregnant the other day. Ahhh the confidence!

I don’t own a scale, so I’ve only had three weigh-ins since giving birth, two at the midwife’s office, and one at WIC. I’d gained 25lbs by the end of pregnancy, here’s how the the pounds have played out since.

  • Three weeks PP: down 15lbs (up 10 from pre-pregnancy)
  • Six weeks PP: down 12lbs (up 13 from pre-pregnancy) – yes, I gained weight at this point.
  • Three months PP: Down 22lbs (up 3 from pre-pregnancy)

Four months.  A third of a year.  A whole season has come and gone.

The time is flying by as fast as they said it would and I’m trying to drink up every ounce of the baby, bask in every whiff of her sweet scent, and appreciate her beautiful smile and boundless curiosity and playfulness – even as she sits here on my lap and I type with one finger as the other hand is currently serving as her pacifier.  Given these circumstances, I’ll finish here.




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