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A Spring Soak

It’s the first day of Spring! We took the opportunity while Freia’s aunt trifecta was in town to commandeer Aaron’s sister Hannah (ATX photographer) to document one of our now routine herbal baths. And since Spring has officially sprung, we were obliged to accessorize the bathtub with carnations bought for her birth day two weeks ago by her grandmother. Amazingly, they were still blooming.



Freia has been chill as always, enjoying being the center of attention and becoming more and more alert with every passing hour, it seems. A two-week update is coming very soon…

Having regular herbal baths with Freia (recommended two times a day) was one of the routines of early motherhood I was most excited to get into, and it did not disappoint. The benefits are overwhelmingly positive, and there are few things more enjoyable than spending some quiet time in a warm bath with our little peanut.

It’s a great time to log plenty of skin-to-skin contact, which research suggests calms babies, causing less crying and better sleeping. Regular herbal baths have been shown to decrease chances of infection and help heal baby’s umbilical stump and mama’s perineum and vagina. I’ve been fortunate and bounced back surprisingly quickly from childbirth with very little pain, bleeding, or discomfort. Especially in the early days, I could distinctly feel the soothing effect of the herbal soak, and would notice more pain and bleeding when I’d missed one!



Freia’s umbilical cord fell off when she was only 4 days old and her belly button has already healed almost entirely. Regardless if our speedy recoveries were a direct result, we both seem to enjoy it.


Our midwife provided about ten days’ worth of dried herbs for use starting immediately after the birth, and we’ve since obtained more from a friend as a gift. There are lots of different recipes online to blend your own; the one we’re using currently contains:

  • Comfrey leaf
  • Lavender flower
  • Shepherd’s Purse
  • Uva Ursi leaf
  • Plantain leaf
  • Red Raspberry leaf
  • Yarrow flower
  • Sea Salt

They’re stewed in two quarts of water on the stove then strained out and added directly to the tub as it’s being filled. Each of these ingredients has a slew of documented and anecdotal health benefits, and consider this another anecdote in favor of their positive effects.

Happy Vernal Equinox!



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