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Thirty-Three Weeks


Thirty-Three weeks in.

Less than a month until I hit “full term” and she’s welcome to make her appearance anytime. wow wow wow.

Yesterday I/we marched with over twenty thousand other Houstonians in the local edition of the Womens March on Washington.   It was an amazing and empowering experience and I can only hope that the 2.5-million-people-protesting-worldwide energy that spirals off of this effort keeps a foot hold and continues to improve the world our daughter will be born into.

My impromptu sign was a big hit, and spurred quite the discussion (2.1K likes and climbing as of this post, with plenty of internet trolls out in force…) on the event’s facebook page. We’ll see if it ends up going viral tomorrow morning, things could get interesting quick.

How things are stacking up as of late:

Vitals: All still in that lovely normal range.

Weight: +20 lbs from my assumed baseline at my last appointment.  I realize of course that this is on track, but it still just sounds like so much in such a short amount of time. For women who have spent so much energy maintaining a healthy weight during their childbearing years, the *expected* gain surrounding pregnancy can be somewhat of a mental hurdle to get over.  Meanwhile I’m trying to not think too much about the numbers and just continuing to eat healthy and stay active.

Fundal Height: 30cm at my 32 week appointment. She could be small, but she tends to lay quite lopsided, which could well have thrown off the North-South measurement.

Baby’s Position: Head down…? She was breech (head up) at my 30 week visit to the midwife, but back to head down at 32. I know that since then I’ve felt her in a transverse lie (bobble head sticking out on one side and a foot kicking on the other).  Our little acrobat just seems to want to take her time settling into optimal positioning.  Sounds like she’s as stubborn/erratic/indecisive as her parents.

Braxton-Hicks: Frequent.  These started very early on for me – in the teen weeks- but were barely noticeable.  They’re still not painful by any means, and I can certainly see how some women may not notice them, but they can be uncomfortable.  They’ll occasionally wake me up at night – I’ll groggily not realize the true origin of the discomfort and just get up to pee thinking that must be why I’m awake, only to notice the unmistakable bowling ball in my abdomen.  They also show up when I bend over forward, change positions (car to standing, bed to standing), go over bumps in the road, go for a bike ride, think about the number 7, or blink.

Baby’s Movement: Seemingly constant and impressive. Hiccups happen a few times a day, and large sweeping movements and pirouettes across my abdomen can happen at any time, but most frequently in the evening and through the night.  A friend (who’s had two babies) described watching mine move as “third world national geographic shit.”  I hope this gives you an accurate picture.

Mama’s Energy: Lack luster.  I’m not sleepy per se, but just deflated, especially at the end of the day.

Other Discomforts: Generally I don’t have much to complain about.  My stomach has been basically normal, swelling is minimal and confined to my ankles at the end of the day.  My lower back tends to ache, and I still have some pelvic and pubic pain, but the chiropractic adjustments have helped out there significantly and a hot water bottle or bath can do wonders.  I’m generally feeling large and uncoordinated, and I have difficulty putting on pants, panties, socks and shoes.  I hope my coworkers appreciate the effort I bother to put forth every morning to not show up pants-less.

Cravings:  Not that many. Thoughts of creamy dreamy pasta have been with me pretty much the whole pregnancy, but it’s not so strong that I can either dismiss it or, fool it with quinoa or chickpea spirals and squash or cauliflower sauce.

Vanity: Belly button is in. Stretch marks: 0. Hair long and full. Skin pretty darn good. I truely did not expect the wacky hormones of pregnancy to agree with me so well.

Travel:  Aaron and I took a weekend trip out to Colorado to scout out housing options in Fort Collins and put out job feelers.  My midwife said she generally advises against air travel after 32 weeks (which I hit just before we left), but that it’s up to the mama and how she’s feeling.  DVT prevention by keeping tootsies moving and drinking plenty of water to prevent dehydration (on planes and at altitude in Denver) were strongly advised.  The flights weren’t too bad, but they’re quite short and I did what I could to stay watered and moving.

Overall the trip went really well.  We stayed with friends with babies, got to catch up with some cousins and made great headway into what will pretty much be a blind move out West.  How frontiersmen-like of us.

Hiking and pregnancy always go so well together. At Lookout Mountain, elevation 7377ft.


Also related to travel, I’m still biking to work everyday, save for torrential flooding days, and switched from my road bike to a hybrid style which belonged to my sister.  It’s more upright so there’s more room for both babe and knees.

The third trimester meant a temporary retirement of my beloved road bike and a switch to a hybrid style. There just wasn't enough room for knees and belly while pedaling. I'm still biking to work every day though and plan to until I can't anymore – or go into labor – whichever comes first. The back and hip pain I feel every other hour of the day seem to be magically negated when on two wheels. This is also when I listen to my affirmations and both gear up for a day sans coffee and unwind at the end of it. I'd like to hear about anyone else's pregnancy/new parent biking experiences. I don't foresee buying a car any time soon and hope to get away with biking babe around as soon as she's old enough and for as long as she's willing. 👶🚲 . . . . #carfreeforever #probablynotthough #thirdtrimester #fitpregnancy #momsonbikes #cycling #cyclingwhilepregnant #biketowork #bikehouston #30weekspregnant #7monthspregnant #empoweredpregnancy #inspirepregnancy

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And lately

I feel I’m a bit late in this game, but hey it’s never too late to start a project.  I’m compiling a “Lullaby” playlist of non-lullaby songs to play aloud now so sweet babe can get familiar with them.  There’s a lot of good research as well as anecdotal evidence that music heard while in the womb is soothing to babies once Earth-side, and that they can even remember what they’ve heard for up to a year. The compilation so far is in a Spotify playlist . Please, if you have any recommendations for this venture, classic lullaby or not, I’m all ears. Current top song is “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”, which Aaron thinks will be hilarious to sing to a crying baby to get them to calm down.

Meanwhile we’re working on getting ready for the birth, and all that that entails. My mama is throwing us a baby shower the first weekend in February, after which we can take stock of what supplies we have and what we need while still trying to keep our overall stock of things in the house minimal and upcoming move-ready.

So, as usual, lots happening, lots to do, little time to do it.


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