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28 Weeks Later

Today is the first day of my third trimester.


Our Wee Babe is as active as ever, busily dancing the conga behind my belly button mostly in the early mornings and late evenings when I’m in bed with her papa discussing whatever it is couples discuss before going to sleep.  Aaron’s working on building up his storytelling prowess and will sometimes read a story to my tummy.  I’m pathetically still trying to come up with a good lullaby to sing to her, but the elusive right key is making this more difficult than it should be and me more anxious than it ought to.  She does however hear a lot of saxophone. At least she’ll be used to that.

(to include some revealing Snapchats)


Despite being this far into the game, I still have occasional trouble wrapping my mind around the concept of the tiny Us growing inside me.   Fleeting irrational thoughts like “well, maybe I’m just bloated” or “all those positive tests and revealing scans were just a fluke, or a strange practical joke” pop up sometimes.  And yet at other times visions of her adorable face float into my dreams and I can’t wait to hold her and meet her and tell her how much we love her.  I suppose all this emotional variability comes with the pregnancy territory, but for someone who’s always been pretty straight sailing on the sea of emotion my whole life, it’s unforeseen, but not totally unwelcome.

How I’m measuring up as of yesterday’s midwife appointment:

  • Weight: +15 lbs from my assumed baseline (looks like I’m going to be on the low end of the projected 25-35 lb weight gain)
  • Fundal height: 28cm or right on the money (“The fact that fundal height increases by exactly one centimeter per week of pregnancy is the most mind boggling coincidence of units ever” – Aaron)
  • Baby’s position: Head down (just stay that way, please?)
  • My Vitals: all look lovely (yessssss)

I’d call the pregnancy so far pretty easy.  Nausea was mostly confined to the first trimester, but will still occasionally rear her ugly head under certain, mostly easily-avoidable circumstances (prenatal vitamin + empty stomach).  I can’t claim that I experienced a “burst of energy” during the second trimester, but certainly wasn’t nearly as tired as the first, so there’s something.  The biggest thing I suppose I would label as a complaint is just generally feeling uncomfortable.  I can’t bend over as easily to tie my shoes, or maneuver as gracefully (my center of gravity has certainly shifted more forward than ever), and my abdomen feels heavy and tight all the time. Pelvic pain in my hips and pubic symphysis is mild, but 24/7, and occasionally more severe during particular movements (getting out of bed, putting on pants, turning over).  Over Thanksgiving week, I battled heartburn/indigestion which I was afraid would last the rest of pregnancy, but has since gone away.  Sticking with small and frequent meals is certainly the way to go, but with busy lives not always the easiest to abide – it is concerningly difficult to find anything even resembling a healthy snack at work in the Texas Medical Center!

My pelvic discomforts in return have given me a very attractive waddle.  My midwife recommended a chiropractor in town who could possibly help out with this issue.  I’ve requested an appointment, so we’ll see how that goes.

Despite any whining I may do about the discomforts of pregnancy, it’s all totally worth it for the thrill of the inevitable end result.

The first two trimesters have flown by.  Planning a wedding and honeymoon followed by the holidays have taken up most of our time and energy, and Aaron’s fully dedicated to two bands in town, meaning several nights a week of practice, recording or performing on top of uncharacteristically long hours at work. We’re scrambling to savor the last couple months we have together as just us and the kitties. At some point we need to put together a baby registry and research child rearing so we can start everything off on the right foot…or at least land on a foot or two rather than faceplant immediately.

Plus, we’re planning a move to Colorado 8 weeks after she’s due. Just in case things weren’t chaotic enough.

It’s all very exciting.


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