In The Kitchen

A Midsummer’s Grilled Curry

  All summer temperatures in Houston have been around 100° every day, barely down to 80° at night, and with humidity enough to wade through.  As a Coloradoan, enduring the summers here was rough going for a while, but after a few years of biking nearly everywhere in the Bayou City I’ve discovered a growing tolerance to… Continue reading A Midsummer’s Grilled Curry

Through Thoughts

Proposing: A Handy Guide

Looking to get engaged, eh? Follow these eight easy steps and you’ll be slinging rings like a pro in no time! Apologies in advance for gratuitous couple-y pictures. Without further ado…. Eight Steps to Engagement As Performed by Aaron and Allie Step 1 – Find Yourself a Lady or Gent There are ladies and gents everywhere,… Continue reading Proposing: A Handy Guide